Thursday, 16 February 2012

THE ARK by Boyd Morrison

The Ark
by Boyd Morrison

James Rollins, NY Times bestselling author of THE LAST ORACLE and THE JUDAS STRAIN -- "Boyd Morrison's novel, THE ARK, is a stunning thriller with a premise as ingenious as it is flawlessly executed. Lightning-paced, chillingly real, here is a novel that will have you holding your breath until the last page is turned. One of the best debuts I've read this year."

Jon Land, bestselling author of THE SEVEN SINS -- “THE ARK features the perfect blend of historical mysticism and clever, classical thriller plotting. Imagine the famed Ark rediscovered and reinvented to form the seeds of a modern day conspiracy. Boyd Morrison manages that flawlessly in this blisteringly-paced tale packed with the best twists and turns the genre has to offer. The search for Noah's Ark may continue but the search for the next great thriller writer ends here.”

The greatest archaeological discovery in history could mean the end of mankind.
Dilara Kenner, an ambitious young archaeologist, must run for her life when an old friend is murdered right in front of her. Before he dies in her arms, he gasps a few cryptic words about a vast conspiracy to hide an awesome historical artifact and tells Dilara that the only person who can help her is a decorated former Army combat engineer named Tyler Locke.

Two days later, Locke is consulting on a North Atlantic oil platform when a ferry helicopter carrying Dilara suffers a mechanical failure and goes down next to the rig. With only minutes before the survivors freeze to death in the frigid waters, the quick-thinking Locke manages to rescue everyone on board, including Dilara. She tells him that the helicopter crash was no accident. Someone wants to stop her from finding Noah’s Ark.

A second attempt on Dilara’s life convinces a skeptical Locke that there is truth to her story. When a movie star’s private jet crashes into the Mojave desert, it proves to be another link to the conspiracy. Locke and Dilara head to Arizona, and their investigation reveals a chilling discovery. A group of religious fanatics has recovered a weapon from the Ark that will let them recreate the effects of the biblical flood and mold the remnants of humanity according to their leader’s twisted vision.

Now Locke and Dilara have just seven days to find the Ark and the secret hidden inside before it is used to wipe out civilization again…

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