Thursday, 6 June 2013

BLUE SHADAWS by Andrew Singleton

Blue Shadows

Eleven stories ranging from supernatural creatures verses victorian age mecha, to superheroes blogging about their lives. Each is it's own story, but at the same time connects to the others to form a larger world for the reader to explore.

In the Old West a Genius from the Far East is put under investigation by entrenched competitors that see him less as an innovator and more as a threat to their profits.

One woman's trip to Europe lands her far more, and stranger, than she bargained for.

When people stop showing up for the guild's activities one of their own uncovers more than just people that have become burned out from the web.

A group of thieves get caught trying to steal a computer built before the current laws hampered what could and could not be done.

...and a man and his companion must find out what's been unearthed in the ruined cities of a once thriving civilization that now only serves as a tomb for horrors that have been loosed on a world that's just gotten back on it's feet again.

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