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Murder On Monday (Lois Meade Mystery #1)

A devoted wife and mother of three, Lois Meade cleans houses in the quaint village of Long Farnden. When a local spinster is murdered, Lois finds herself poking around her clients' houses for clues. But her quest for the killer will uncover some surprising secrets about this seemingly peaceful village-and put her family in mortal danger.

Terror on Tuesday (Lois Meade Mystery #2)

Working-class mum and housecleaner Lois Meade plies her sleuthing skills once again after discovering a dead body--dressed in a suit of armor--in a chapel.

Weeping on Wednesday (Lois Meade Mystery #3)

It's all smiles for the series that sweeps up sales-every day of the week.
Working mum and owner of a cleaning business, Lois has just hired on the daughter of the Abrahams, an eccentric, reclusive family. But when strange letters and omens put everyone on edge, Lois wonders if the rumors about the Abrahams are the key to a terrible secret.

Theft on Thursday (Lois Meade Mystery #4)

A friend has asked working-class mother and housecleaner Lois Meade to help crack a case. It looks like the handsome new choirmaster may have been poisoned. Soon, Lois finds herself untangling a web of secrets, bigotry, and intrigue-and can't let the culprits get away clean.

Fear on Friday (Lois Meade Mystery #5)

To her own credit, Lois’s cleaning business is really starting to clean up. So much that she decides to open up a new office in the neighboring town of Tresham, where she takes note of an unusually busy—and slightly sinister—storefront across the street. But business quickly mixes with Lois’s nose for sleuthing when she’s hired to clean the house of the pompous mayor, and then witnesses his honor’s limo picking up a dubious-looking package from the mysterious shop. There’s a filthy underside to Tresham, and when bloody murder starts staining the quaint town, Lois has to put her own life on the line to straighten things out…

Secrets On Saturday (Lois Meade Mystery #6)

Lois usually steers clear of local gossip, but after tidying up the house that newcomer Reg Abthorpe claims to have inherited, she has more suspicions than she can keep to herself. The home's previous resident was known for his beloved terrier, robust nature, and deficiency of living relatives. So why is Reg presenting himself as the old man's nephew-and where could the sprightly geriatric (and his dog) possibly have gone?

Sorrow on Sunday (Lois Meade Mystery #7)

Warning at One (Lois Meade Mystery #8)

Back by popular demand? cleaning lady Lois Meade has sleuthed through a full week, but crime can happen at any hour...
Lois Meade is a working class mum, cleaner extraordinaire, and a part-time sleuth. But she has her work set out for her when tenants of her rental home start leaving, frustrated by their neighbor?s noisy pet rooster. The owner, elderly Clem Fitch, refuses to part with his feathery companion, aptly named Satan.
It?s a relief when Lois?s son Douglas asks to rent the house. But then peculiar things start occurring on Gordon Street. When Clem and his pet are found dead, Douglas is one of the prime suspects. As landlord, mother, and witness, Lois must take action and flush out the killer who?s fouling the Meade name?

Tragedy at Two (Lois Meade Mystery #9)

From the author of Warning at One--another Lois Meade mystery that proves there's no good time for murder.
Lois Meade's daughter was admittedly considering leaving her partner, Rob-but she never expected him to be found badly beaten and left for dead in a ditch by the side of the road. When Rob tragically dies from his injuries without regaining consciousness, Inspector Cowgill has a murder investigation on his hands, and once again he engages the assistance of the woman he respects above all others-Lois.
Suspicion quickly falls on the traveling gypsies who are camped out on Alf Smith's property. There is strong prejudice among many in the village who consider the gypsies no better than tramps and thieves. Lois must follow a twisted path that leads to arson, local delinquents, secret assignations, and blackmail-before she can discover who's been tinkering with the truth...

Threats at Three (Lois Meade Mystery #10)

From the author of Tragedy at Two-the latest Lois Meade mystery in which timing is everything.
Lois Meade has worked through all the days of the week, turning up clues and scrubbing up both messes and murderers in the village of Long Farnden. But crime is a persistent stain...
When a dead body is found in a canal, Detective Cowgill believes the murder is connected to a suspicious fire and a heated dispute over saving the local village hall. Time to turn to the ever reliable Lois Meade to sort out the culprits and pick up the loose ends-before their village hall turns into a funeral hall...

Foul Play at Four (Lois Meade Mystery #11)

New in the series that's "a must for British cozy fans" (Booklist).
Lois Meade has worked through all the days of the week, turning up clues and scrubbing up messes and murderers in the village of Long Farnden. But sleuthing is rarely a spotless endeavor...
A series of robberies have begun to plague Long Farnden, and Lois's own daughter, Josie, is shaken when a thief makes off with a hundred pounds from the till in her grocery shop. But before her policeman fiancé can crack the case, someone cracks Lois's husband on the head when he interrupts a burglary in progress. Now Lois-and the besotted Inspector Cowgill-must determine who's cleaning out Long Farnden, and clean up after an increasingly violent crime spree...

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