Monday, 13 February 2012


A Pious Killing
by Mick Hare

Intrigue in the Vatican – home of the Borgias.

This novel is played out amidst the backdrop of many of the twentieth century's greatest conflicts.
Sean is a troubled man with a number of secrets. His involvement in the Irish uprising and a personal tragedy leading to the disintegration of his marriage to Martha, prompt him to leave Ireland for England. During World War 2 he is enlisted by British Intelligence and charged to carry out an audacious and dangerous plan.

His mission takes him to Germany, accompanied by another agent, Lily, and there they encounter the horror of the Nazis' "Final Solution". Several twists and turns of the plot result in the completion of their assignment, but things are never straightforward in Sean's world. A picaresque novel with a sweeping sense of adventure.

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