Monday, 5 March 2012

...AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH HIM by Paul Christopher

...and Hell Followed with Him
by Paul Christopher

The hidden horrors of the world know Sebastian Cobb. The name is the only thing that they fear, since Cobb is the only human to possess the power to consume their essences, consigning creatures that are normally beyond death to oblivion.Sebastian Cobb knows himself. Born in 1752, the son of a miller, he grew up to be a veteran of the Revolutionary War, as well as a devoted husband and father. His life was everything he wanted. All of that changed in 1787, when one night of horror stripped him of his family and summoned the powers of darkness. Victimized by something he can't remember, Cobb finds himself immortal, and sets out on a hunt for answers while fighting supernatural evils he finds. One hundred and forty-seven years later, Cobb's life is the only thing he doesn't want. In 1934 Cobb meets an evil that takes an interest in him, hoping to steal his power and use it to dominate the world. Join him as he faces demons, vampires, sorcerers, and servants of twisted gods from the distant past, all the time hoping to reverse his condition and die a man's death.

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